Jiangyin thought will da import and export trade co., LTD. Is located in the national counties (cities) of jiangyin scenic jiangnan town, the mayor of jiangyin, east of Shanghai, south suzhou, wuxi, north pillow Yangtze river, is located in the "golden channel" of huning highway, water and land transportation is very convenient, has a unique geographical advantage, is one of the best places to investors.

My company is mainly engaged in chemical, pharmaceutical, food equipment technology development, production and manufacturing. Our factory in the production of various types of grinder, leading in the industry. With high quality, excellent after-sales service, users get trust and satisfaction.

Our company provide you with the four series of products: crusher, sieving, mixing machine, granulating, rubber pieces. WCSJ horizontal primary crusher series, B series universal grinder, Chinese herbal medicine vacuuming crushing machine, WFJ - 60 - / - 15/30 type micro pulverizer, ZS series shock sieve, ZS series high efficient shock sieve, FTS series rotary screen, ZS series vibration sieve machine, as the manufacturer W series mixer, GHJ -v efficient mixing machine, CH channel mixer series, LTD coulter type mixer series, WH series conical twin-screw mixing machine, WZ series weightless biaxial paddle mixer, SYH three-dimensional mixer, WZ - zero gravity mixing machine, EYT two-dimensional motion mixer, WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer, GK - 70/120 type dry granulator, XZL type series rotary granulator, YK series swing type granule machine, JZL type extrusion granulator, GHL high speed mixing system grain of machine, SZG series double taper vacuum drier rotation, CT - Arthur c. T series hot air circulation drying oven, YZG/FZG series cylindrical square vacuum dryer, YF series stainless steel pot sandwich ingredients ingredients, stainless steel pot series, CS - 200 type magnetic separation conveyor, screw conveyor, CXFJ - ultra-fine rubber crushing machine, JY crusher.