Sifter series

Series XZS being shaking screen

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Main application:

ZS series vibration sieve is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, is for powder and coarse particles to sieve continuously discharging ideal equipment.

Working principle:

This machine consists of hopper, shock chamber, connecting shaft device, motor. Shock indoor there are eccentric wheel, rubber software, main shaft, bearing, etc. Adjustable eccentric hammer driven by motor is transmitted to the main shaft centerline, under the imbalance, generate centrifugal force, to change the material forced vortex in orbit, the amplitude of heavy hammer regulator can be adjusted according to different materials and mesh size. The whole machine structure compact, small volume, no dust, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, mobile, easy maintenance.

Technical parameters:
Production capacity60-200kg/h100-500kg/h180-2000kg/h
Sieving mesh12-200mesh12-200mesh12-200mesh
The motor power0.55kw0.75kw1.50kw
Spindle speed1380r/min1370r/min1370r/min
Overall dimensions (length x width x height))5405401060 (mm)7105101290 (mm)8808801350 (mm)


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