Crusher series

JM Series Two-Stage Colloid Mill

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Main Application:This machine is applied for wet material super fine crushing in trades such as pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and others trades, suitable for emulsifying, mixing and crushing all kinds of semi-moist or emulsions materials. Its main technique parameters have reached the international advanced standard.

Working principle:With its flexible and fixed mills with different geometric shapes rotating at high speed making the relative motion, this machine crushes materials by cutting, pulverizing, and high frequency vibrating. There are two stage of pulverizing areas the first one is for fine pulverizing, and the second one is for super-fine pulverizing, the pulverizing fineness can be adjusted by changing the rip between the upper and down mills. It can well reach the required effect of supper-fine pulverizing at once. Featured with compact conformation, steady run, low noise, corrosion resistant, easy clean, convenient maintain etc., it is the most ideal equipment for wet pulverizing in our nation .ced standard.

Foodstuff industry:aloe, flower dust wall-broken, pineapple, gingili, ice cream, jam, syrup, soy, bean, grassnut milk, soy milk, dairy produce, malted milk, essence, drinks, emulsified chicken bones, emulsified pigskin and other animal skins.

Chemical industry: oil paint, dye, coloring matter, dope, lubrication, lubrication grease, diesel oil, petrol activator, emulsified bitumen, a-dhesive, scour, plastic, detonator, glass steel, emulsified detonator etc..
Life chemistry : 
toothpaste, scour, shampoo, shoeshine, cosmetic, bath extractive, soap, sweet-smelling grease etc..
Pharmaceutical industry:
syrups, nutrition fluid, Chinese patent medicine, poultice, biology produce, fish liver oil, pollen, queen bee plasma, bacterin, ointments, liquid tonic taken orally, spasmolytic, pancreas and enzyme preparation, emulsion, herd drug etc..
Construction industry:
dopes including inside and outside walls dope, antisepsis waterproof dope, porcelain dope, colorful dope, pottery and porcelain enamel etc..
Other industry:
plastic industry, weave industry, paper making industry, biology chemical, environmental protection and economization on energy, coal floatation, universities, scientific research institutes etc..

emulsification fineness single loop or multi cycle2-50m2-50m2-50m2-50m2-50m2-50m2-50m2-50m
change range1-0.01mm1-0.01mm1-0.01mm1-0.01mm1-0.01mm1-0.01mm1-0.01mm1-0.01mm
Production capacity(changing with materials)0.01-0.3t/h0.5-2t/h0.8-5t/h27t/h415t/h620t/h830t/h1040t/h
Motor Power1.5kw5.5kw11kw18.5kw37kw55kw75kw110kw
Motor Rotating speed4500r/min4500r/min4500r/min4500r/min4500r/min4000r/min4000r/min3500r/min
grinding disc dia50mm100mm150mm200mm250mm300mm350mm450mm
discharge gate dia15mm32mm40mm65mm75mm85mm85mm90mm
Feed inlet dia32mm50mm80mm120mm140mm159mm159mm168mm
Water-cooling tube dia1/81/41/41/41/41/41/41/4
overall dimension



















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