Granulating machine series

Twin-screw extrusion granulating machine

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Main USES:

Twin-screw extrusion granulating machine used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, rubber additives, dyes, catalysts, etc. With a wet powder extrusion granulating.

Second, the working principle:

Twin-screw extrusion granulating machine for double screw, its extrusion form blender electric mixer impeller stirrer have extrusion and side extrusion before two kinds of models. By the driver, deceleration, transmission box and the host, such as components, to join the wet powder material inside the host, in the role of the special designed screw element, the transmission of compaction, open pressure uneven pressure process, was sent to the pelleting machine head, and out of the templates, formed with columnar grain products, so as to achieve granulation purpose.

Due to the powder material is conducted under the wet extrusion system of material process, make the follow-up operation process (such as drying, packaging) and operating conditions have been improved greatly. General can decrease the dust by more than 90%.


Three, technical parameters

Type no.Production (kg/h)Power (KW)

Four, use and maintenance

Twin-screw extrusion granulating machine before use, should check the screw turned, it is forbidden to reverse or be attaint parts.

Twin-screw extrusion granulating machine, before starting the first start the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, start the geomagnetic speed table (slow), after the speed of the screw to a certain range after feed production.

Every six months inspection and replacement of speed reducer, transmission quantity of lubricating oil in the oven, 40 # engine oil.

To host the material status inside the hopper, refers to the moisture content and the wet of the dispersive mixing, kneading. Granulation material status is required for some of the dispersion of solid and liquid should have certain plasticity, finalize the design performance, namely hand knead dough, shape the basic remain unchanged after openhanded apparent phenomenon. System of abrasive according to need to change the template hole to adjust and control.

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