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JCFJ Series Inner-Grading Mechanical Crusher

Delivery time:2015/12/8 10:52:23

Main Application:JCFJ Series inner-grading mechanical crusher is the latest-developed super-fine mechanical grinding machine by combining the domestic and overseas advanced technology. A worm grading device is installed in the machine, which will release the satisfied particle from the grinding chamber to avoid over grinding. In this way we not only makes super fine powder,but also we make the particles uniform and even. This machine can carry out dry-grinding and grading operation for all kinds of organic substance and mineral substance,so the powder made by this machine is widely used in the chemicals, metallurgy, mine, energy, electronics, medicine, pesticide, plastic, paper-making, pigment, painting, dyestuff, grinding-stuff, food and cosmetics industries..

Working principle:The main unit of JCFJ series inner-grading mechanical crusher includes, the grinding unit, which is composed by the hitting block and blade around the rotating disk, the conveying belt connect the grinding chamber, consisting of worm grading device and exhaust air pipe air sealed separation at the grading unit and the end of the exhaust pipe to avoid the coarse powder mixing with the fine powder, and air-sealed protection before the roll bearing of the rotor to prevent the fine powder enters the roll bearing. The structure of the machine appears to be easy and compact. When switching on the machine, the material is conveyed into the grading unit by the feeding devices. The material is separated into fine particle and coarse particle here, the qualified fine particle is released directly from the air pipe; the coarse particle enters the grinding chamber is grinded under high speed strike of the hitting block and then is transferred by the air pipe to the worm grading device. The satisfied particle is released with the exhaust air from the exhaust pipe and is collected as final product. The coarse particle returns to the grinding chamber again. The powder collecting unit is composed by cyclone and impulse dust evacuator.

Features:The best feature is pre-grading function and grading check function. These functions make it possible to release the satisfied particle directly so as to enhance the grinding efficiency and reduce material wastage. Other features includes: high speed flow rate, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, few material wastage, capable ofgrinding material of great hardness, easy to adjust the fineness of the powder. Easy operation, fully sealed chamber, wide application, stable and reliable operation.

Feeding size5mm10mm15mm
Crushing Fineness200-1000mesh200-1000mesh200-1000mesh
crush Motor power11kw30kw75kw
grade Motor power7.5kw11kw15kw
draught Motor power15kw30kw45kw
discharge Motor power0.75kw1.5kw2.2kw
Spindle Speed5600r/min3550r/min2250r/min
Rotaing speed of grading wheel6000r/min4000r/min2400r/min
Prdouction Capacity100-500kg/h200-1000kg/h500-3000kg/h
Blast of fan1200m³/h2400m³/h6000m³/h
press of fan1300mpa1300mpa1200mpa
overall dimension5000*1200*2400mm6000*1200*2400mm8000*1500*2400mm


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