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QLDJ Series Fluidized-bed Airflow Crusher

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Main Application:QLDJ Series Fluidized-bed airflow crusher is the latest super-fine airflow grinding machine. It combines the multifold nozzle tube technology, fluidized-bed technology and horizontal grading technology, having realized the integrated technology system containing multiple flow field, fluidized material layer, horizontal grading and mechanicalelectrical integration. It represents the development trend of airflow. The super fine powder made by this machine are widely used in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metallurgy, mine, energy, electronics, medicine, pesticide, plastic, paper-making, pigment, painting, dyestuff, grinding-stuff, food and cosmetics industries. It can also be used to grind high-pure product, such as polymer material, advanced electromagnetic material, magnetic material, semiconductor material, fine chemical powder, catalyzer,reagent, chemicals and activator ,etc..

Working principle:QLDJ series fluidized-bed airflow crusher consists of air supply unit, feeding unit, grinding unit, powder grading unit and powder collecting unit. The fresh compressed air from the air supply unit mixes with the particles from the feeding unit in the grinding chamber forms the air-solid-phase flow. The supersonic airflow generated by the ejector makes the particles collide and crush into each other. Then those particles having reached the required fineness are released by the grading unit on the top of the machine and are collected and packed by the powdercollecting unit.

Features:This machine has many advantages, such as high-speed flow rate, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, few material wastage, capable of grinding material of great hardness, easy to adjust the fineness of the powder, easy operation, fully sealed chamber, wide application (can be used to grinding heat-sensitive material), stable and reliable operation.


Feeding size100mesh100mesh100mesh
Product size2-100m5-120m6-150m
Grinding press0.65-0.95mpa0.65-0.95mpa0.65-0.95mpa
Power of grading wheel4kw7.5kw11kw
Rotating speed of grading wheel8000r/min6000r/min4000r/min
Air flow10-13m³/min20-25m³/min40-50m³/min
Handling ability30-250kg/h100-500kg/h200-1000kg/h
Total power of system90-110kw160-180kw300-360kw
overall dimension942*612*1438mm107*782*1719mm1416*1077*2112mm


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