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Superfine mill charm in the field of traditional Chinese medicine

Delivery time:2015/12/8 11:05:20

With the spreading of hot trend of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the deep processing of Chinese materia medica industry technology and equipment innovation, has become the focus of traditional Chinese medicine industry. In many equipment, superfine grinding technology in the very great degree to realize the intensive processing of medicinal herbs, to promote the industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Superfine grinding technology is the high and new technology developed in recent years, can put the raw materials processed into micron even nanoscale powder, application range is very wide.

Studies have shown that the traditional Chinese medicinal materials of superfine grinding technology to achieve the breakthrough, the problems of the broken refuge of the superfine grinding technology for Chinese native medicine preparation, compared to the traditional process with the Chinese native medicine preparation can obviously improve efficacy, good for the body to absorb.

Superfine mill a big feature can increase the drug absorption rate to improve the bioavailability. The size of the drug particles and the structure of the powder are the important factors that affect drug absorption. Chinese medicine after superfine processing, its more subtle uniform particle size, specific surface area increased, porosity increases, the drug can be well dispersed and dissolved in gastric intestinal juice, and increase the contact area and gastrointestinal mucosa, are more likely to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, both topical patches, or internal capsule, after superfine grinding are available smaller doses to achieve the original effect, for mineral drugs, equivalent part is water insoluble substances, after advanced treatment, due to the grain size decrease greatly, and expedite its dissolution in the body, absorption rate, improve its absorption;

In addition, superfine mill also advantageous ten retain biological active ingredient to improve efficacy. In superfine grinding process, the control can not produce overheating, even under low temperature condition, Wells and grinding speed, is helpful to keep not resistant to high temperature of bioactive components and a variety of nutrients, thus improve the efficacy of such as pearls, and processed by the traditional methods can destroy some of its components, and around 67 low temperature under the condition of superfine grinding, active ingredients can relatively intact, enhance its anti-aging effect. Ganoderma lucidum contains rich amino acids and trace elements, have to activate the immune function, antitumor, action such as antithrombotic, superfine grinding, curative effect more completely.

Visible above, superfine mill in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, to fully demonstrate the charm of its irreplaceable. But industry can not be satisfied, in the face of growing market demand, companies still need to continue to improve technology in order to meet the market development.

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