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The main purpose of the conical twin-screw mixing machine!

Delivery time:2015/12/8 11:12:18

SHJ series conical twin-screw mixing machine is a new type of high efficiency, high precision of particle mixing equipment, it is widely used in chemical, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, feed, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries of various mixed powder particles.

Second, the main characteristics

(1) advanced structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable running, cantilever type has no bearing at the bottom of the double helix axis, it removes the caused by bearing permeability powder at the bottom of the fault.

(2) speed, and uniform quality. This machine is double helix is asymmetric arrangement, expand the scope of mixing, one large and one small proportion of the gap of different mix proportion material mixed more appropriate.

(3) the energy saving effect is remarkable, the machine is only one over ten of its energy consumption compared with drum mixer.

(4) for wear and the granular material pressure feed small, overheating reaction for heat-sensitive materials mixed not happened.

(5) the preparation of stable, stratification and segregation phenomenon does not occur.

(6) the machine seal clean, simple operation, easy maintenance, long service life. In addition, can also according to user requirements, the cone made pressure vessel for pressure or vacuum operation.

The machine's autobiography, (7) are completed a set of motor and cycloid needle lose speed reducer.

Three, working principle

(1) due to the revolution of the double helix made silt along the wall of the cone around the operation.

(2) with spiral vane's autobiography, the powder to the pyramidal central emissions as radial motion.

(3) the powder from the bottom of the cone upwelling and is discharged to spiral around the surface, the material mix.

(4) the screw rotation caused by silt to drop flow, it is because of the combination of the revolution of the screw within the mixing machine rotation, has formed four of powder flow forms: namely, convection, shear, diffusion and seepage in the compound movement. Therefore, powder in mixer can quickly achieve homogeneous mixing.


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