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Superfine mill principle of work

Delivery time:2015/12/8 11:11:55

Superfine mill generally refers to the material particle crushing to about 500 mesh, 300 mesh above, at present our country standards, international standards) of a crushing technology, it is a mechanical, electrical, atomic physics, colloid chemistry, chemical reaction kinetics cross join an emerging discipline. The technology is widely applied in various fields, and economic and social benefits brought infinite; Applied in metallurgical industry, and the precious metals to increase production; Application in the pharmaceutical industry, quick effect, absorption effect is more complete: applications in traditional Chinese medicine industry, use medicine, like to drink coffee, simple and convenient, and save a lot of Chinese medicinal materials. In the food, beverage, health care products industry also has a wide range of USES, so the application of superfine grinding and development prospects are very broad. Mill grinding technology, mainly refers to the cell level to break the wall of fine crushing technology. General requirements to more than 200 mesh size, the main therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicine composition ask usually distributed in the cells and cell gap, and given priority to with inside the cell. When cell wall-breaking exposed its effective ingredient in the cell, the drug release rate and release a quantity to be increased significantly, efficacy accordingly increased significantly, and it works fast. Cell wall-breaking superfine powder in the cell walls of plant and animal drugs for the purpose of crushing destruction, not for the purpose of fineness, fineness of only as a kind of macroscopic examination means, can't express the actual circumstances of the medicinal powder, the cell wall broken rate is higher, of course, the fineness of the thinner. Can the seed cell wall-breaking work equipment.


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