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How to purchase superfine mill

Delivery time:2015/12/8 11:09:54

A good superfine mill has the following characteristics

1, using medicine allows the stainless steel material, conform to GMP requirements, the production process all closed, no dust overflow, material lossless.

2, low grinding temperature, without cooling system under the condition of continuous operation, the production of powder temperature is not more than 50 degrees. For customers with special requirements, we can configure the system at low temperature, minimum temperature can reach 35 degrees below zero.

3, for any fiber shape, high toughness, high hardness, or have a certain moisture content of materials can be used; For spore pollen or other plants require breaking the cell wall material, the wall-breaking rate can reach 95%.

4, add water, alcohol, or other liquid to wet grinding, or access to gas protective shattered.

5, crushing rate is 100%, almost no wear and tear.

Superfine mill processing objects of adaptability is strong, for more categories, many varieties, different features, large differences between all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be used to; Animal medicine, mineral medicine, toughness, brittleness, high hardness, low hardness, a large quantity of fiber, high oil content, high sugar content, etc., can be shattered after cooperate with some process measures to cell level micro powder.


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